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Observe in real time all large transactions and ethereum whales. You can also track all ERC-20 tokens whales.

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All Frequently asked questions about Ethereum / ERC-20 Whales

What is a Ethereum Whale?
All transactions listed on have a significant amount. In a certain way, the biggest movements can impact the market for good or bad. An ethereum whale is therefore an entity with enough power to impact the market (in theory).
IN or OUT, how do we know?
Our system can't know if a transaction is a "IN" or a "OUT" because we are not directly plugged on exchanges. We only monitor transactions happening on the ethereum blockchain.
Where the data comes from?
This website is part of ClankApp network. ClankApp is a crypto whales tracker across 20+ blockchains in real time. You can explore more by clicking here.
Can we use your data?
Of course, ClankApp provide a free API for developer and searcher. More infos here.
How we can unsubscribe from alerts?
You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link in the footer of the email.
Can we see ERC-721 tokens whales?
No, for the moment, we only support ERC-20 tokens.

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